launch of the common good campaign

backed by our founding donor, sir alex ferguson cbe, we have launched the common good campaign, reaching out to alumni and friends to ask them to consider giving back either financially or in kind to support our students in the three main areas in which they are being most affected - student hardship, mental health and wellbeing and employability

running throughout the academic year, a key focal point will be in april 2021 which is the 50th anniversary of one of our founding institutions, the glasgow college of technology, when we will be asking alumni and friends to donate, participate or volunteer. 

we are extremely grateful to all our donors, alumni and friends who continue to support gcu and our students in a variety of ways. we have all been affected by covid in different ways and so it is important to us that our campaign is inclusive, offering a variety of ways to back and endorse it.  find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved.

“young people need our support now more than ever. i am proud to be backing gcu’s common good campaign that is proactively addressing the big challenges facing students in the wake of the pandemic.”  sir alex ferguson, cbe, founding donor


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