we would like to alleviate any concerns regarding brexit and the uncertainty surrounding future changes. at gcu we are proud to have an international community with students and staff from over 150 countries around the world and we will continue to welcome staff and students to enjoy a vibrant and global experience.

this page provides all of the latest information on the developments regarding the post-brexit referendum discussions for eu citizens considering gcu for a place of work or study. more detailed information for current students is available on brexit information for students page.

for information for current eu staff please see: commitment for eu staff

for the latest information on the transition period please visit

tuition fee support for prospective eu students starting in 2020/21

the scottish government has advised with regard to september 2020 entry that any eu nationals interested in pursuing undergraduate studies in scotland will be eligible for tuition fee support from student awards agency scotland (saas). the university’s tuition fees are available online. for students joining us after this time we advise checking the scottish government webpages regularly for further advice.

eu nationals interested in applying to join the university for postgraduate studies should refer to our individual programme pages.

for more information please see:

scottish government ministerial statement (april 2019)

student awards agency scotland (saas) website

prospective employees

after brexit (currently 31 october 2019) the university will still be able to accept applications from eu/eea/swiss nationals and look forward to welcoming them. for prospective employees currently resident in the uk you should apply to the eu settlement scheme, if you haven’t done so already.

for prospective employees currently outside of the uk and expecting to enter after brexit, the guidance at present indicates that you will be able to come to the uk for an initial period of 3 years by applying for european temporary leave to remain. this will allow eu/eea/swiss nationals to come to live and work in the uk until this expires however, will require a further visa to be granted in line with the new immigration rules which will take effect from january 2021.

eu settlement scheme (settled and pre-settled status)

if you are an eu/eea/swiss national and reside in the uk before the uk leaves the eu on 31 october 2019 you will continue to have the right to live and work in the uk after brexit. although you do not have to do anything before the uk leaves the eu you will be required to apply to the eu settlement scheme in the future. currently, if there is a ‘no deal’ brexit you must apply to the scheme prior to 31 december 2020, however, if a deal is reached you will have until 30 june 2021. the status which you will receive will depend when you apply.

for information on the scheme and how to apply please see the government website.

leaving and returning to the uk after brexit

as it is likely that there may be some disruption to travel between the uk and eu countries following brexit staff and students are encouraged to read up on the latest guidance issued by the government and ensure they do the following:

  • check their passport (ensure you have at least 6 months validity left on your passport)
  • take out travel insurance which will cover your healthcare for the duration of your trip (if there is a ‘no deal’ brexit your european health card may no longer be valid)
  • if applicable ensure you have the right driving documents particularly in a ‘no deal’ scenario

in the event of a ‘no deal’ brexit eu citizens will have the right to leave and return to the uk using current passport/travel documentation until 31 december 2020.

if you are travelling over or shortly after brexit and would like a letter from the university confirming your residency and employment status please contact people services as soon as possible –