common good curriculum

at glasgow caledonian university (gcu), our commitment to the common good underpins everything we do.

mission: university for the common good
vision: global reputation for delivering social benefit and impact through education, research and social innovation
values: integrity, creativity, responsibility, confidence

the common good is supported, recognised and embedded within all of our courses and the wider student experience. the learning experience at gcu will prepare our students to develop our four ‘common good attributes’ and equip them to make a positive difference to the communities they will serve.

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the common good attributes

the common good curriculum will support our students to achieve the gcu common good attributes which are underpinned by gcu’s core values: integrity, creativity, responsibility and confidence.

active and global citizenship
  • recognising and actively seeking to address global social trends and challenges
  • viewing the world from the perspective of different cultures
  • participating in the community at a local, national and global level
  • taking account of and valuing diversity
  • exploring social problems and taking action to build a more just and sustainable society
  • addressing inequality and disadvantage
  • acting assertively and reasonably
  • challenging yourself and continually learning from experience
  • respecting your own and others’ rights and needs
  • becoming a ‘change-maker’, making a positive difference
  • being able to understand, respect and engage with a diverse range of audiences and stakeholders
entrepreneurial mind-set
  • being curious and prepared to take calculated risks
  • identifying opportunities for change
  • creating solutions, and putting these into practice, in response to identified real-world problems
  • thinking creatively, critically and divergently, drawing on a range of ideas and unexpected connections
  • dealing with complexity and uncertainty
  • actively seeking a diversity of experiences and concepts from different cultural contexts
responsible leadership
  • exercising:
    • empathy
    • resilience
    • professionalism
  • inspiring and influencing the thinking, attitudes and behaviour of others
  • working collaboratively towards a common vision and common goal
  • building communities through the development of trust
  • developing solutions that are ethical, visionary, realistic and sustainable
  • actively demonstrating a personal commitment to equality and diversity

our students will develop the attributes needed to make a positive difference in addition to achieving the knowledge, skills and values of their professional and disciplinary area.

we want to enable our students to develop new ideas and engage in activities that address societal challenges on a local, national or global scale.

we will provide opportunities for all students to develop these attributes further by participating in co and extra-curricular activities aligned to our common good mission. some opportunities are tailored to students on particular courses; others are open to all students across the university.

further information and guidance for staff on the common good curriculum can be found on our academic quality and development page.