grameen caledonian college of nursing

"gccn gives young women opportunities and prepares them to be leaders and change agents in health care for the future."
professor muhammad yunus, chancellor emeritus of glasgow caledonian university

a partnership between gcu and grameen healthcare trust, the grameen caledonian college of nursing was established in 2010 in dhaka, bangladesh.

led by gcu’s professor frank crossan, the visionary college offers international standard nursing education and clinical practice to its students, as well as raising the status of the profession in bangladesh and providing opportunities, education and training to women from impoverished backgrounds across the country.

in 2013, the college celebrated its inaugural graduation when 38 graduates were awarded a bangladesh nursing council-approved diploma in nursing and midwifery. at the ceremony, gcu’s principal and vice chancellor professor pamela gillies announced that the top three students were to be awarded principal's scholarships, offering full financial support, including accommodation fees and a financial stipend, to allow them to continue their studies at gcu.